Registered contractor will be exempted from paying Earnest money deposit for tenders processed on Haryana Engineering Works Portal (HEWP). One Stop Information Platform for Engineering departments as well as Contractors. Aimed to improve Transparency. Many Benefits for Registered Contractors. The Registration will be valid on all on-boarded Engineering departments of Haryana on HEWP.

Government of Haryana

Haryana Engineering Works Portal


Sr. No Title Download PDF File
1 Amendment to the HSR 2021
2 Haryana Schedule of Rates (HSR) – 2021.
3 Registration Rules for Contractors – 2022.
4 HEWP - Steps for Verification and Registration of Contractors for department users.
5 Haryana Schedule of Rates Chapter-Wise Report (HSR)– 2021 View
6 Training on HEW Portal, Haryana
7 Instructions/ Process of Refund
8 Common Bid Document (Updated)
9 List of Master Trainer of Haryana Engineering Works Portal (HEWP) for others departments
10 DIPR Letter for Advertisement Indent
11 User Manual for raising Advertisement indent on DIPR website
12 SOP for the users on Haryana Engineering Works Portal
13 Project Management Unit (PMU) for Development and Maintenance of Haryana Engineering Works Portal
14 Amendments to the Haryana Schedule of Rates 2021
15 Special Bid document of NABARD Works
16 Standard Bid Document for PMGSY for PR works
17 Addenda and Corrigenda to the Haryana PWD Schedule of Rates 2021, (Third Edition) vide Notificiation No. E-in-C/PWD (B&R)/Chandigarh DC/01 dated 13/02/2024
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